Friday, June 20, 2008

My Word is All

Why doesn't anyone around here have a sense of humor? Sheesh.

I'm sorry! A screaming on-fire Cena is the fucking greatness!

Okay, look, I may have accidently left on the coffeepot (I have no thumbs, cut me a break!) and Cena was stupid enough to let his shirt catch onto the bottom of it it and be set on fire. And when Sindel came in and screamed as she saw his shirt go right up in flames, he did the 50 mile leap into the air with the best expression on his face ever. Either Cena or Mia doused the flames but I was too busy spitting up my coffee as I busted out laughing on the floor.

Oh man, it brought tears to my eyes. For real, that made my week.

Anyway, after Cena was checked to be okay, they berated me for not helping and laughing at Cena when he 'could've been seriously hurt'. Hurt my ass--I've been set on fire more times than I could count.

So Sindel sent me upstairs like some teenager! What the hell! I'm older than her! I'm her dad and she sent me upstairs?! Nuh uh. That ain't gonna cut it!

I think I'll set Cena's room on fire. That'll teach them not to treat me like a child...


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