Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bad Stuff

So yesterday, I'm chilling on the couch when Mia walks in the room and I greet her with my usual "What's the running price tonight, Mia?" when she got all pissy about it and promptly started to hit me with a random broom.

She must be PMSing bad so I shocked her until her hair turned black. Hahaha, it was great until Cena had to come in and break it up.

Now today, Mia took the beer from the kitchen that I was hoarding and smashed the bottles like a total fucking bitch! So I super-glued her ribbon straight to her head and she screamed as she was trying to redo it. I really wanted to help her but I was too busy trying to breathe from laughing so hard as some of her head become bald.

Sindy made me apologize so I made her a card that said "Get Fucking Lost" inside of it and I had to throw it away. I spent 30 minutes on the art alone on that card (it was a picture of Mia being bald). Sindel ruins my fun sometimes.

Otherwise, I spent all afternoon IMing Kirby on the Yahoo Messenger until Kirby mentioned how hot Mia was and I promptly booted his ass off YIM.

Now, what's the deal with UFS? I saw Cena making Sindy play that game a few days ago and I motherfucking hate that game. Not 'cause Cena's playing it or anything but 'cause it's so...stupid. I mean, come on, IT'S A CARD GAME. It's not supposed to be complex! I play poker and blackjack (and I'm a sucky player at it too) but it's not hard shit to recall.

Anyway, I hear Mia and Cena making out again so I'm going to go interrupt by dousing them in beer and using phrases in Spanish to piss Cena off--See ya.


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Cena said...

UFS is a very strategic card game that requires a lot of quick thinking. No wonder a drunk couldn't figure it out. ;-P